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About Us

In despite of the global recession in 2009, high-class professionals in economics and law, merged to overcome economic obstacles  and to achieve set goals! Our team is able to solve the most complex problems and to find a common solution for most difficult cases! 

Our basic principles are Confidence, Efficiency and High Quality.

At present, for the purpose of our basic service – virtual rent of addresses – there are number of premises in every Riga administrative district as well as in Riga region.

Why us?

  • Favorable pricing policy - we offer the best prices in Riga and its region for the services at the highest standards;
  • We act in the shortest time limit;
  • We take full responsibility for the services we provide. Our customers recognize that, compared to our competitors, our service is at the highest level;
  • On the basis of our service is a strict client confidentiality;
  • Daily mailbox check;
  • Long-term cooperation - we are interested in long-term cooperation, so more beneficial are long-term contracts. Due to the fact that the rented promises are in our full possession, unlike the other similar companies and individual service providers, we can offer and provide long-term service at attractive prices. Our real estate is not in any way encumbered with loans or other forms of pledge, so your address is in safe hands.

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