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Home Services for the business Legal address rental services 12 months

12 months

Your advantages from renting legal address with „Centra biroji”

Rent Your legal address, if You have no address where to register Your company, e.g., the owner does not want You to register Your company at his property address, You do not need a permanent office, or You do not want Your home address to be used as legal address for Your company.

Regular receipt of correspondence

Regardless of Your company’s business or Your location, You will always receive correspondence sent to Your company. This will help You avoid delayed answers and fines imposed by the state authorities, e.g. State Revenue Service.

Preparation of documents free of charge

As soon as we receive payment for services, we will issue consent to registration of legal address signed by the real estate owner and will prepare documents on its change to be submitted to the Register of Enterprises free of charge.

Correspondence management free of charge

We will inform You of receipt of daily correspondence by SMS or e-mail. We will receive letters and small parcels at post offices on Your behalf, store them and filter advertising materials.

Cooperation with a stable partner

A limited number of companies are registered at our legal addresses. They are not on a list of risky addresses maintained by State Revenue Service. You will receive a real address rental agreement, ensuring a simple and 100% secure registration with the Register or Enterprises and receipt of the status of a VAT payer.

Lower administrative expenses

Rent of legal address will help save financial resources for start-up companies or companies, which do not need a permanent office. Thus, You could save office rental and public utility expenses.

Corporate image

The legal address of Your company will be at one of the locations included in a wide range of prestigious addresses in Riga and Old Riga offered by Centra biroji, ensuring increased customer loyalty and improved cooperation.

Choose the most appropriate service plan

No hidden fees or security deposits



Rent of legal address in Riga
Rent of legal address in the heart of Riga
Rent of prestigious legal address in Old Riga
Correspondence check, management and notification on a day-to-day basis
Receipt of registered letters and small parcels at post offices
We will filter advertising materials, open correspondence, scan documents, sending them electronically to Your e-mail address
Paperwork for change of legal address
Free courier delivery of correspondence and small parcels within Riga


33,99 € / month
Save 46,00 € / month
Payment 407,88 €
41,99 € / month
Save 58,00 € / month
Payment 503,88 €
66,99 € / month
Save 83,00 € / month
Payment 803,88 €



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