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Frequently asked questions

Why do companies need legal address?

Legal address is required for a company to be registered in the Register of Enterprises and to successfully proceed with its business, receiving official correspondence. All state authorities will send correspondence only to Your legal address regardless of the actual address of Your business or provision of services. Thus, failure to answer to the letters sent by the state authorities could cause unpleasant situations – fine imposed on or even a business termination action brought against Your company.


For which purposes do companies use legal address rental services?

Virtual office is a modern and convenient solution for the companies interested in safety, stability and reasonable use of their financial resources. Nowadays, many companies do not need an office, since their employees are constantly traveling for business, etc. Selecting a prestigious legal address, the company creates its image for more efficient cooperation with customers and State Revenue Service, e.g., for acquiring the status of a VAT payer. Your company will be always reachable at its legal address. Thus, You will avoid fines imposed by the state authorities for untimely answered letters, which our employee will receive on Your behalf at the post offices FREE OF CHARGE.


What is required to register legal address for companies not established so far?

If Your company is not established so far, You should prepare a set of registration documents to be submitted to the Register of Enterprises, among them, consent signed by the real estate owner to registration of Your legal address, and You should pay the state fee for registration of Your company. Our specialists will be pleased to help You prepare a set of registration documents at a very friendly price.


How to change legal address for businesses already established?

If You need to change the legal address of Your company, You should complete the Centra biroji application, selecting the plan most tailored to Your company’s needs. We will prepare all documents required to change Your legal address (to submit them to the Register of Enterprises) FREE OF CHARGE. You should also pay the state fee for registration of changes.


What is the price for change of legal address, and how quickly can it be changed?

Following the submission of the required documents to the Register of Enterprises, standard procedure for change of legal address will take 3 (three) working days, with the amount of the state fee being 27,25 EUR. Speeded-up procedure will take 1 (one) working day, and the state fee will be 63,25 EUR. If You use our legal address rental services, we will prepare a set of documents for change of legal address FREE OF CHARGE. Thus, You will pay only the state fees, saving 50 EUR, which You would otherwise pay to a lawyer for paperwork.


Does Centra biroji guarantee successful registration of legal address in the Register of Enterprises and the State Revenue Service?

Centra biroji provides a 100% guarantee that Your new address will be approved at the Register of Enterprises and the State Revenue Service.


Where there will be my new legal address?

The legal address of Your company will be at one of the locations included in a wide range of prestigious addresses in Riga and Old Riga offered by Centra biroji. You will select the best solution among several options. Your new legal address will definitely increase Your customer loyalty and improve cooperation.


How soon could I receive my new legal address?

Within two hours after receiving all necessary information about Your company and payment for our services we will issue consent to registration of Your legal address signed by the real estate owner. Then, Your documents should be submitted to the Register of Enterprises.


What advantages will we enjoy, selecting Centra biroji services?

Preferring Centra biroji services, You will enjoy the best price / quality ratio. Our team and services we provide are well known for accuracy, professional, positive and friendly attitude, speed, good reputation, safety and a wide range of additional services, which will be available to our cooperation partners - just call us or write us an e-mail.


Are there any other important nuances I should know?

Submitting documents for change or registration of legal address, it is important to indicate a correct legal address according to the information registered with the State Addresses Register. All virtual office addresses we offer are such!


You didn’t find an answer to Your question?

Please send Your question to, and we will be happy to answer it.




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