From EUR 40,79/month

Prestigious legal address rental in Riga and Latvia. We offer 30 different legal addresses and have been direct owners since 2009 - we will provide the address within 1 working day!

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From EUR 650

We are selling companies (LLC) with a fully paid-up share capital (€2800). Document preparation, name change, fee payment, and submission are included in the price! Start Your business today!

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From EUR 39.99

Document preparation for companies (LLC) registration, purchase, sale, board, owner, and legal address changes, liquidation, and reorganization. We will submit documents ON Your behalf!

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From EUR 100/month

We offer full accounting cycle services, professionally, quickly and in 3 languages. A large and responsive team, with extensive experience in problem-solving!

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Your benefits from renting a legal address from "Centra Biroji"

Choose to rent a legal address if You do not have an address available for company registration, for example, the owner does not want You to register the company on his property, You do not need a permanent office, or You do not want to use Your home address as the company's legal address.

Always received correspondence

Regardless of the company's activity or Your location, You will always receive correspondence addressed to Your company. This will allow You to avoid delays in response and penalties from state authorities, such as SRS (State Revenue Service).

Preparation of documents for free

As soon as we have received the payment for our service, we will immediately prepare the documents for legal address change for submission to the Enterprise Register (UR) free of charge.

Daily correspondence processing for free

We will notify You about Your daily correspondence by text message (SMS) or e-mail. We will collect and store registered letters and small items from the post office on Your behalf. Advertisement filtering.

Cooperation with a reliable partner

Only a limited number of companies are registered at our legal addresses. They are not on the list of risk addresses of the SRS. You will get a real address lease agreement, which will ensure a simple and 100% safe registration in the Enterprise Register (UR) and obtaining the status of a VAT payer.

Lower administrative expenses

Renting a legal address will help save financial resources for entrepreneurs who have just established a company (start-up) or entrepreneurs who do not need a permanent office or are working online.

Creating the image of the company

The legal address of Your company will be located in one of the wide range of prestigious addresses of "Centra Biroji" in Riga or Old Riga, thus increasing the trust of Your customers and promoting cooperation.

Why cooperate with us?

Experience and the widest range of addresses in Latvia

Since 2009, we have been the most well-known and largest provider of legal addresses in Latvia with an impeccable reputation. We only register up to 10 companies at one address.

Wide range of service plans

Choose the most appropriate service plan depending on the company's industry, scope, target audience and Your daily work routine.

Speed and accuracy

You will receive the new legal address immediately after choosing the plan and filling out the application.

Reliability and responsibility

We take responsibility for the quality of the services provided. Our customers are particularly satisfied with the individual, professional but friendly attitude and approachability.

Safety and guaranteed quality

We guarantee confidentiality for the security of Your business. In all the real estates we own, SRS has approved the commercial activity.

We use digital signature (eparaksts)

We use digital signature (eparaksts)

We are members of LCCI

We are members of LCCI

State Revenue Service

State Revenue Service

Register of Enterprises

Register of Enterprises

More than 200 customers use our services

Customer experiences and success stories

  • For over ten years, I have been collaborating with "Centra Biroji" for several of my companies. Initially, I had a bitter experience with unprofessional virtual office service providers. Based on my personal experience, I can confidently say that cooperation with "Centra Biroji" is one of the most progressive in this field. They are always accessible, ensuring I receive all incoming mail. Additionally, I benefit from rent discounts, receive valuable advice, and have any questions promptly resolved. I believe that "Centra Biroji" is the leader in renting virtual offices in Latvia. It represents the most modern and economical solution for our company's legal address, eliminating the need for a secretary and resulting in significant savings compared to renting a physical office space.

    Jurijs Ņefedovs
    Member of the board of SIA "VB PRO"

  • During the startup period, we couldn't afford to rent large office premises. Instead, we worked by traveling to customers and participating in promotions throughout Latvia. Therefore, renting a legal address is currently very advantageous for us. Word-of-mouth advertising and personal testimonials about a good business partner work the best – and I use them too! Professional, correct, kind, responsive, fast – such positive characteristics of "Centra Biroji" could be continued! We receive important registered letters promptly and, most importantly, get information about their arrival first. Therefore, from a legal standpoint, it is crucial.

    Ilze Apša
    Member of the board of the association "Laimes kalve"

  • When dealing with the creation of company representation materials, it is crucial for us to receive correspondence from cooperation partners promptly. As we didn't have the option to register the legal address at the actual office address, finding the best legal address rental service provider became necessary. After thorough research and searching on the Internet, we selected "Centra Biroji" as our cooperation partner. "Centra Biroji" operates efficiently and accurately, fulfilling its obligations. I believe that this is the optimal solution in terms of quality and price.

    Ainars Runčs
    SIA „Clyro” director

  • We needed to rent a legal address temporarily while we took care of formalities and finalized the lease agreement for our physical office address. This led to the establishment of a successful and long-lasting cooperation. With the assistance of "Centra Biroji," we attracted new clients, received necessary consultations for legal and SIA registration, and benefited from good service and customer support. The operative work and flexibility demonstrated by "Centra Biroji" make them highly valued and the most sought-after in the market. The cooperation is perfect, and everything is at the highest level.

    Kristīne Mičule
    Member of the board of SIA "Tollat"