• Monthly document processing;
  • Calculation of salaries;
  • Preparation and submission of reports to the State Revenue Service (VID);
  • Preparation of both local and international financial statements;
  • Preparation of annual reports;
  • Consultations on accounting and tax matters.

Our accounting service pricing is based on the time spent on client service at a rate of 60 EUR/h. We have digitized accounting processes, allowing us to save time on data entry and work with ready-made data, enabling us to provide various helpful advice and protect clients from possible risks. Upon starting collaboration, the scope of work is assessed at the time of contract signing, resulting in clear monthly costs for the client. Adjustments to the contract conditions are discussed with the client as the accounting workload changes.

Minimum fee = 100 EUR/month.

For the preparation of the annual report, an additional fee is determined. The amount depends on the monthly compensation:

If a sworn auditor’s opinion is not required for the annual report – the fee is equal to the average monthly fee;

If the annual report is subject to a sworn auditor’s examination, a coefficient of 1.7 is applied to the average monthly fee.

Receive a discount on service fees by making a prepayment for a longer period:

  • Paying for 3 months upfront, receive a 5% discount.
  • Paying for 6 months upfront, receive a 12% discount.
  • Paying for 12 months upfront, receive a 20% discount.