• Why does a company need a legal address?

    A company needs a legal address to register it in the Register of Enterprises and to continue operating successfully by receiving official correspondence for the company. All state institutions send correspondence exclusively to Your legal address, regardless of the actual location of Your office or service provision. Therefore, failure to respond to official letters from state institutions can lead to unpleasant situations, including fines or even legal action to terminate the company’s activities.

  • For what purposes do companies use the legal address rental service?

    Companies use the legal address rental service for various purposes – virtual office is a modern and convenient solution for entrepreneurs seeking security, stability, and smart utilization of financial resources. In today’s business environment, many companies no longer require a physical office, especially when employees work remotely or are constantly on the move. Choosing a prestigious legal address helps companies build a professional image for effective collaboration with clients and governmental institutions, such as the State Revenue Service (VID), particularly for obtaining VAT taxpayer status. Your company will always be reachable at the legal address, ensuring You avoid penalties from government authorities for unanswered letters. Our staff, on Your behalf, retrieves postal items from the post office every day at no extra cost.

  • What is needed to register a legal address for a company that has not yet been established?

    If the company is not yet established, You need to prepare a set of registration documents for submission to the Register of Enterprises, a verbal consent of the property owner for the registration of the legal address, and pay the state fees for company registration. Our specialists would be happy to assist You in preparing the company registration document set at a particularly attractive price.

  • How to change the legal address of an existing company?

    If You want to change the legal address of Your company, You need to fill out the “Centra Biroji” application and choose the plan that best suits Your company’s needs. We will prepare all the necessary documents for the change of legal address in the Register of Enterprises (UR) FREE OF CHARGE. You will also need to pay the state fee for making the changes.

  • How much does it cost to change the legal address and how quickly does it happen?

    After submitting the necessary documents to the Commercial Register, the standard procedure for changing the legal address takes 3 (three) working days, and in this case, the state fee is 20 EUR. It can also be done on an expedited basis within 1 (one) working day, and in this case, the state fee is 60 EUR. By using our legal address rental service, the document preparation for changing the legal address is FREE OF CHARGE. Therefore, You will only pay the state fees and save 50 EUR that would otherwise be paid to a lawyer for document preparation.

  • Does "Centra Biroji" guarantee a successful registration of the legal address with the Register of Enterprises and State Revenue Service (VID)?

    “Centra Biroji” provides a 100% guarantee that Your new address will be approved by the Commercial Register and State Revenue Service (VID).

  • Where will my new legal address be located?

    Your company’s legal address will be located at one of the prestigious addresses offered by “Centra Biroji” in Riga, Old Riga (Vecrīga) or all over Latvia. We will provide You with many options, and You can choose the one that suits You best. Your new legal address will undoubtedly enhance Your clients trust and foster collaboration.

  • How soon can I receive a new legal address?

    Within two hours from the moment we receive all the necessary information about Your company and after receiving payment for the service, we will provide complete information about the registration of the legal address and prepare documents for the change of the legal address free of charge. After that, You will need to submit the documents to the Register of Enterprises.

  • What are the advantages of choosing the services of "Centra Biroji"?

    Choosing the services of “Centra Biroji,” You will get the best price and quality ratio. Our team and its services are characterized by precision, professional, positive, and friendly attitude, speed, a good reputation, security, and a wide range of additional services that are only a phone call or an email away for our partners.

  • Are there any other important nuances I should know?

    When submitting documents for a change of legal address or registration, it is crucial to provide the correct legal address that aligns with the information in the State Address Register. All the virtual office addresses we offer comply with this requirement!

  • Did not find the answer to Your question?

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