About us

Despite the circumstances, in 2009, high-class professionals in economics and jurisprudence joined forces to overcome the economic hurdles and achieve set goals! Our team can solve the most complex tasks and find common ground in the most challenging moments!

Trust, Operational Efficiency and High Quality – these are Our fundamental principles!

Currently, to ensure our core service of office space rental, we own over 30 real estate properties – in all administrative units of Riga, the Riga region and Latvia.

Why choose us?

  • Favourable pricing policy – we offer the best prices in Riga and the Riga region for top-notch service;

  • We are efficient;

  • We take full responsibility for our services. Our clients acknowledge that compared to competitors, our work culture is of the highest level;

  • Strict adherence to client confidentiality is the foundation of our operations;

  • We check the mail every day;

  • Long-term cooperation – we are interested in long-term partnerships, therefore, emphasis is placed on long-term contracts. As our rental addresses are our property, unlike other similar companies and individual service providers, we can offer and provide long-term services at attractive prices. Our owned properties are not burdened with loans or any other obligations, ensuring the security of Your address.